ELVIS BLACK STARS is a rock/powerpop trio initiated in 2007 in the Andenne region by Augustin Dujeux, Olivier Coquette, Damien Sorée. The group was born from the desire of the three musicians to write music that was direct and raw while remaining melodic. The band's trademark is also its ability to deliver concerts of rare energy which will make it, for a long time, above all a stage group. In his lyrics, ELVIS BLACK STARS talks about everyday life, happy or often unhappy sentimental experiences, (ends of) tormented evenings... The group cites as influences groups such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Keys or even more recently Millionaire.

At the beginning of its existence, the group performed a series of concerts, toured the halls and other clubs in the Kingdom, performed notable opening acts (The Black Box Revelation, Hollywood Porn Stars), released two self-produced EP's and in 2008 won the prize of the late young talent competition of the Namur Verdur Rock' festival. In the process, Elvis Black Stars joined the Progress Booking catalog which he will never leave, working under the leadership of Arnaud De Koninck. 

In 2010, Elvis Black Stars released their first official single “Be Ready”. For the production of this one, the group enlisted the services of the renowned Tony De Block (Hooverphonic). The song received a very positive media reception and was placed in rotation on FM airwaves. ELVIS BLACK STARS continues to build an unfailing stage reputation and adds some legendary Brussels venues to its roster: the Ancienne Belgique, the Botanique as well as a memorable first part of Scorpions in a packed National Forest!

In 2012, the group released a first eponymous album on the Anorak Supersport label and toured the four corners of the country, but also in France to provide support for a whole part of the BB Brunes tour. Some tracks from the album have a good existence on the airwaves (let's mention “I Feel So Dirty” and “Miss Fortune”). ELVIS BLACK STARS continues to travel the roads tirelessly (Cirque Royal, BSF, Ardentes, Francofolies, Scène sur Sambre, etc.) and publishes a new single written on the road “Vulture's night” mixed at the Rec & Roll studio by Charles De Schutter (M, Ghinzu, Vismets, Superbus, Pleymo,…).

2015 saw the release of the EP “Sect of Happiness” again on Anorak Supersport, recorded and mixed by Laurent Eyen (It It Anita, Bikinians, Moaning Cities, Romano Nervoso,…) at the Koko Records studio. The group is going on tour again and for the occasion is enlisting the services of two additional musicians on stage (guitars – keyboards) in order to best transcribe the multiple arrangements present on its new pieces. After a year of touring, a slew of concerts and the great radio existence of the single “Better Than You”, the group feels the need to stop, take a break with the feeling of having traveled a little around the world. question. This is ELVIS BLACK STARS' first “leave” after 7 uninterrupted years of compositions, rehearsals, recordings and tours. A break that singer-guitarist Augustin Dujeux uses to invest in a side project.

In 2018, the strings and sticks began to itch again and the group found itself in the rehearsal room, three of them, as originally, with a newfound pleasure and the desire to write and return to the stage. Very quickly the compositions follow one another, the three musicians rediscover each other and explore new musical lands. While keeping the touch that has always made the style of the group, the ELVIS BLACK STARS allow themselves new experiments, adding colors to their palette. To the ear we think of Millionaire. The group, from now on, seeks more to have fun than to try to compose THE radio hit par excellence. The result is no less effective.

In March 2021, in the midst of the COVID-19 period, Elvis Black Stars released their new album: “Lamb Of Dracula”. The album is praised by critics for its effectiveness and sincerity, the trio is now eager to defend the songs on stage. 

April 21, 2021 — Sonia Hoge