Park Life  (Pop Art Ride Kustom Life) … “The new” concept store in Huy.

Passionate about music and street culture, we wanted to develop the shop of our dreams! Skateshop, vinyls, clothes, street art objects and works, sneaker customs,…

Are you “riding”? At Park Life, you will find everything you need! Beginner or experienced rider, whether you need a skateboard, a freestyle scooter, rollerblades or a specific piece, in Huy, it's here that it happens!

Do you like clothes? Beyond clothing linked to the world of board sports, we also offer some feminine pieces and iconic British brands that accompany the world of music. 

Are you a music fan? Vinyl is making its debut in Huy! Our bins highlight the musical productions of the independent labels of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation as well as a fine selection of international artists. 

Are you a fan of street art? Come take a look at our place! The original works and customs offered are the fruit of the creative work of local artists.

Park Life is also a management agency for musical and visual artists and works on the production of cultural, artistic and urban sports events... Keep your eyes peeled!

In short, Park Life aims to develop the underground community, to anchor itself locally and to support local cultural and artistic initiatives. You will have understood, Park Life wants to make things happen in a region in which its creators want to invest. 

Park Life is in Huy and it’s for you!