Belgian-Walloon trio, Elvis Black Stars has been honoring the Belgian indie scene for several years now and is releasing its new album with this rough and bloody Lamb of Dracula . With intensity, the ten titles of the clan which since 2012 has cheerfully applied itself to tracing its discographic path while signing hard-hitting scenes form a powerful “pop'n'roll”, without omitting the melodies. Make no mistake, the introductory synths of Lie of Honor only begin an introductory beginning, where stone-like guitars accompany half-melodic, half-assaulted vocals. The carriage of the flat country has style, it shines on lively pop-rock paths. King Ringo , at the start merging followed by dynamite riffs, undulates, grooves and bites while planting its fangs deep. He accelerates; we appreciate, once again, the complementary vocal oppositions. Some discreet distant 70's impulses, dirty chants - with care - invite themselves. Elvis Black Stars is, however, anchored in the present, which he gratifies with a generous trowel of pieces without lumps. No confused , fat bass forward, is thick but nimble, subtle in its sharp edges. At the end of this opening trio, bleeding but melodically convincing, we sense a consistent record, without marshmallow kisses which would diminish its impact.
April 17, 2021 — Philippe Douffet
Tags: Management