"When we created our concept store and its themes, the common thread was obvious: music. The name of our shop was not chosen at random, it is of course a nod to the group's famous album English Blur of the same name. Likewise, this name integrates the dimension of skateboarding, freestyle scootering, roller skating which are practiced in particular in a skatepark. And as trends and music have always evolved together, Park Life offers several emblematic brands combining history and style.

Fred Perry, the clothing brand with the laurel crown, originating from tennis, was quickly dubbed by young British people in search of a different identity in England in the 60s and 70s. Initially an emblem of the Mods movement, ska and reggae, it was taken up as a standard for Britpop groups from the early 90s (Blur, Oasis, Stone Roses, etc.). Today it remains a reference combining relaxation and a certain English class… the best of “casual”. It is obvious that Fred Perry would not have the aura it has today without the help of the music stars who wear this brand. Complete lines are also based on collaborations with iconic artists like Gorillaz or Amy Winehouse.

Likewise, the Ben Sherman brand, also anchored in the Mods universe, follows the same path as Fred Perry. Who doesn't know the emblem of the Ben Sherman brand, the blue, white, red target borrowed from the British Royal Air Force!

More recently the Scottish brand Lyle & Scott, born in the world of golf, has developed the same type of image as Fred Perry and Ben Sherman and many music stars have adopted the logo with the eagle with outstretched wings.

At Park Life, we of course find this casual English-style universe. Fred Perry, Ben Sherman and Lyle & Scott have a privileged place in our shop... not far from the vinyl bins which cross all the trends of independent music and give pride of place to local artists.

At Park Life, we also find the great references of streetwear linked to urban culture. Brands anchored in the hip-hop world of the 80s and 90s which were already flirting with skate culture (with groups like the Beastie Boys) and which gave birth to the mix of genres between Hip-Hop and Rock or even Metal (in example the album of the soundtrack of the film Judgment Night (available in stores at Park Life) which brings together groups like Cypress Hill and Sonic Youth or Pearl Jam, Slayer and Ice-T. We find for example this universe with a brand like Thrasher, from the skate magazine of the same name. The iconic Vans brand is also worn in the world of skateboarding, Hip-Hop, Rock and Metal.